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When we speak of being grounded or centered it is this Source we are talking about.


When was the last time you felt 'at home'?

Zazen offers nutritional and educational based health and wellness retreats in Australia and around the world. Together we explore the practices of self leadership, wellness & movement practices, conscious connections, breathwork and cold-water exposure. Guided by the Holistic Health & Embodiment Team as well as life partners, Urbain Lawrence and Casey Warwick, our goal is to help you to not only leave feeling with a deeper connection to your life force & clarity, but to also feel empowered through knowledge, application and a deeper understanding of how to cultivate a truly incredible life from the inside out.

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We believe we all have an innate wisdom within to create massive change in this world, should we listen to what is on our heart.

We are here to guide you home, allow space for you and show you how to connect with the pure power of source.


This vision came to life over a coffee with friends, discussing the potentiality of collaboration. As we were talking about what really helped them manifest and create the life of their dreams, 'The Source' card was drawn from the Osho deck, outlining the importance of coming back to the the state of Zazen. 

With the universe listening, we were given the pat on the back to help others do the same. 


We believe in the power of community and being held in love. The more we drop into our truth, the more our people arrive.

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Sunshine Coast

Nov 15- 19 2021


"In a gentle way, You can shake the world"



Our Hosts


Co Founder & Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Breathwork & Sound Healer 


Co Founder 
Embodiment Coach & Hypnotherapist


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