Our Facilitators

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Urbain Lawrence

Co Founder & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Breathwork & Sound Healer 

Urbain lives and breathes the philosophy "the body is a systems of systems not to be compartmentalized". He began to do his own research as he realised from all his years as Rugby Athlete, non of the text book approaches where working for his body. Urbain has studied under Paul Check, WIM HOFF and Dan Pauro among many others to learn his craftmanship. 

His modalities combine his love of breathwork, health & fitness and spritiual practices to truly show you how to build longevity in your practices and bring your body to its peak performance.

Urbain brings through his Maori heritage in his teachings and allows you to connect back to your lineage and open up any spaces you may have been hiding in.


Casey Warwick


Embodiment Coach, Master NLP Coach & Hypnotherapist

Casey is an Embodiment Coach specialising in helping people unlock their full potential in both their businesses and relationships. Her signature Programs include THE SOVEREIGN QUEEN and THE EMBODIED WOMAN. Casey has worked with hundreds of women all over the world, transforming both their careers and relationships and alongside her life partner Urbain they built #Undone. Her work dives into the principal of “everything touches everything” and allows you to EMBODY the full expression of, “We get to HAVE IT ALL”. Her understanding of the human mind and its sabotage strategies allow her to use fast, tactical approaches, hypnotic activations and thought-provoking activities to ensure her clients succeed quickly. She does this by connecting them back to source and showing them how to work with energy to remove any obstacles in their way! Casey combines both the human/primitive instincts and spiritual world to show us the blind spots of what we fail to see in our relationships, business and life to master the alchemy of source within.